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Class Schedule Announced

New class schedules announced for 数码营销学堂 and Digital Media Marketing (SkillsFuture Series).

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Learn from 4 student projects from the Digital Marketing class that I taught last semester in the School of Computing, National University of Singapore.

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Course Materials » Web Links
13 Mar 2021 - Additional web links and resources.
Search Engine » Google Ads (AdWords) Tutorial 2021
27 Feb 2021 - A good step-by-step tutorials on how to run ads on Google in 2021 by Eric Preston, an agency based in Vancouver. 
Digital Landscape » e-Conomy SEA 2020
25 Feb 2021 - In addition to new online users, COVID-19 led to an acceleration of digital consumption as users tried new digital services for the…

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Internet Trends 2019, Mary Meeker
June 11 @ Code 2019, Bond Capital.
Consumer Media Consumption vs Advertising Spending
The shift in media consumption behaviour of consumers is a leading indicator to the movement of advertising spending. What does that mean…
Your Digital Presence
This article covers several topics when setting up your digital presence, such as building a web site from scratch, adding web analytics,…
Digital 2020 – Global Digital Overview
Essential insights into how people around the world use the internet, mobile devices, social media and eCommerce. By We are Social and…
e-Conomy SEA 2020
In addition to new online users, COVID-19 led to an acceleration of digital consumption as users tried new digital services for the…
How Search Works
Understanding how search works is the first step towards grasping the basic concepts of search engine optimization, or SEO.
SEO/SEM Agency Pitch Deck
This is a sample SEO / SEM agency pitch deck from Thrive. Some key points on SEO and SEM are covered. 
Google Ads (AdWords) Tutorial 2021
A good step-by-step tutorials on how to run ads on Google in 2021 by Eric Preston, an agency based in Vancouver. 
Social Media in Southeast Asia
From ASEAN Studies Centre, ISEAS. ASEANFocus, A bimonthly publication providing concise analyses and perspectives on ASEAN matters.
How does News Feed Work
To improve distribution on Facebook and other social media, one must understand how news feed work. There are 4 important concepts: Inventory,…
节录自:数码营销(赖国芳著)(六)社交媒体:叫人按捺不住 (七)社媒营销:找对的人(八)社媒营销:各花入各眼
网红营销的原理和操作 + 与李欣怡的对谈。李欣怡曾为马来西亚电台主持人,后转战网络,并成立网红营销平台 Needle.my.
The Evolution of Display Advertising
These 2 videos from Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK show how the display advertising landscape has evolved in the last decade. Prerequisite…
Programmatic Advertising
Prof KF Lai provides a brief explanation of the programmatic advertising landscape. 
Real Time Bidding
A video from Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) explaining how an ad is served with Real Time Bidding (RTB).
程序化广告(programmatic advertising)是一种完全自动化,通过电脑运算和数据分析来购买媒体广告的策略。
(Student project, NUS SoC, AY2020/21) Mussvital provides dermatological care products for people with atopic skin and sensitive skin by acquiring customers through…
(Student project, NUS SoC, AY2020/21) Kreature is an online marketplace that enables independent creators to sell customised print-on-demand merchandise for their fans,…
Mini Star Fermented Toufu
(Student project, NUS SoC, AY2020/21) Mini Star is a stinky tofu outlet situated in the colourful neighbourhood of Geylang, Singapore. Insightful discussions…
C2 Digital
(Student project, NUS SoC, AY2020/21) C2 Digital offers businesses a comprehensive service to realising high-engagement virtual environment events, using customised brand design…
Digital marketing case study of MyOrder, presented by CK Liew. MyOrder helps food & beverage business generate revenue through mobile webstore. (数码营销学堂,Oct…
Digital Marketing – Course Overview
A foundational understanding of marketing in the digital age.The course is designed for students who aspire to initiate, manage and execute marketing…
Innovation and Marketing
Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two -- and only two -- basic functions:…
Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
How Search (Google) works? How to get my website ranked high for relevant search queries (SEO, owned media)? How to use SEM…
Social Media Marketing
State of Social Media. Major Concepts in Social Media Management. Introduction to Facebook Ad Platform. Other Social Media.
Content Marketing and Storytelling
Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined…
Display and Retargeting
Understand display advertising. Run display advertising campaigns. Understand retargeting. Set up retargeting campaigns.
Affiliate and Influencer Marketing
Understand Affiliate Marketing. How to leverage Affiliate Marketing. The world of "Affiliate Marketer". Understand Influencer Marketing. Use Influencer Marketing.
Public Relation and Crisis Management
Public Relation is brand communication via Earned Media. Strategies and practical steps of Crisis Management. Image Restoration Theory.
Web Links
Additional web links and resources.
Ask Prof Lai
Ask any question about digital marketing or request for online consultation here. We will try to help. This service is restricted to…

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